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Massachusetts Faith Leaders for Freedom

Add your name to the pledge below to join hundreds of faith leaders from across Massachusetts who are standing up to uphold non-discrimination protections for transgender Bay Staters:

As Massachusetts Faith Leaders, from a diversity of religious traditions committed to advancing the common good, we affirm the basic dignity of all people – including our transgender and gender non-conforming neighbors. We applaud the steps taken in 2016 by the Massachusetts Legislature and Governor to update existing public accommodations law and extend protections to our fellow transgender and gender non-confirming neighbors and friends.

We believe in treating others the way we’d like to be treated and respecting the dignity and worth of every human being. Finally in Massachusetts, there are explicit protections ensuring transgender people cannot be turned away from a hospital or denied service at a restaurant. We should all be treated equally under the law.

As Faith Leaders we are called to take a stand for those who face discrimination to repudiate acts of prejudice. The updated non-discrimination law extends basic civil rights to those who too often live in fear of harm. We ask encourage our fellow clergy and indeed all people of faith to join us in this public commitment to equality, respect and justice for all. 

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